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Rebranding done right – putting the customers into the picture [VIDEO]


Telecom NZ has undergone a major rebranding exercise. The brand has been known for telecommunications in our sister island for more than two decades.

Like most telecos, it’s undergone a bit of a transformation and its rebranding process has been a work in progress for over a year.

Now, the business is known as Spark.

And, to say thanks to its customers for their loyalty, a new type of ATM is rolling out across the islands.

In this instance, ATM stands for Automatic Thanks Machine.

It’s a launch stunt that is changing the lives of every day New Zealanders and will ensure that the transformation from Telecom NZ to Spark will be remembered.

Students are getting new smart phones and tablets. Some are getting cash donations towards their education fees. And, one loyal customer has received a refund of every bill she has ever paid to the company.

It’s an insightful and engaging campaign that demonstrates the power of a customer-focused approached to business and marketing.

Spark – Automatic Thanks Machines