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Pollenizer’s Mick Liubinskas encourages everyone to embrace failure [VIVID Creative Sydney]


Those of you who hang out regularly at Stately Anthill Manor (and you know who you are) have heard a lot about Pollenizer, the Australian company that helps bring entrepreneurial ideas to reality by co-founding the business.

This video offers a quick taste of how Pollenizer earns its buzz, via a whirling-dervish, evangelical speech by co-founder Mick Liubinskas.

In little more than six minutes on a stage at VIVID Creative Sydney, Liubinskas manages to:

  • Hit on Pollenizer’s major themes for successful startups (improve focus, embrace failure).
  • Cite the two biggest things that changed Australia’s Internet-based economy over the last three years (more people buying products online, Aussie investors returning from overseas and nurturing young entrepreneurs).
  • Issue a challenge for everyone to join the cause in any way they can (invest, float an idea, support others’ ideas, etc.)

Trust us, this list doesn’t begin to convey Mick’s Energizer Bunny delivery. So click, and enjoy.

VIVID Creative Sydney: Pollenizer’s Mick Liubinskas