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Paul Isakson asks What’s Next (again)


Last year, prolific marketing blogger (and head of strategy for space150) Paul Isakson sent ripples of chatter across the blogosphere when he posted a rough presentation on his views around marketing, simply titled: What’s Next?

On 30 July, 2009, he posted an update:

How can a media outlet that is largely dependent on advertising like Anthill reconcile its natural predilection for such views?

Simple. By creating advertising options that teach (rather than preach), that tell (rather than sell), that engage (rather than interrupt).

At least, that’s our goal.

And the foundation of this scrappy but, hopefully, thought provoking presentation that we posted last week to launch our August Advertising Offer.

In the face of such simple brilliance, we hope it won’t prove an anti-climax. 😉