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No butt left behind: How one woman turned $5,000 in savings into a billion dollar company [VIDEO]


Sara Blakely invented Spanx after she failed to get into law school.

Yes, Spanx. You know, the underwear that sucks in the ‘loose bits’ and gives a smooth look under clothing. Consider Spanx to be the modern day girdle.

She started out wanting to create some underwear that gave a smooth, seamless look under white trousers.

Within six months she was on Oprah. Now, ten years later, she’s running a billion dollar company. And, she still owns all of it. She has never taken outside investment.

Blakely is the youngest self-made billionaire to make it onto the Forbes Billionaires list.

In this interview she explains her journey, the moments that amazed her, her mentors and how she got her company to where it is today.

And, where is she taking Spanx next? Well, no butt left behind is her motto; she plans on expanding globally. There won’t be a VPL (visible panty line) or muffin top that won’t go un-Spanx’d.

Plus, the new mens range means her potential market size has just doubled.

How Sara Blakely turned $5,000 into a billion dollar company