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Oops, do not disturb me, I’m about to beat the Williams sisters at table tennis [VIDEO]


If you are the owner of an iPhone 5 then you may be aware of a nifty little feature called Do Not Disturb. (It’s under Settings, if you’ve not found it yet).

This in-built feature allows you to have your phone set to silent between pre-set times, usually overnight. So, after 7:30pm, no calls will come through, unless you select that your Favourited numbers can. (Make sure you have some numbers set as Favourite, otherwise it defeats the purpose). No texts get through, just calls.

It’s a great feature, and means that unless it’s really important, you’re not going to be disturbed while you sleep. Or, in the current heat, while you toss and turn, attempting to sleep. This stops all those calls from overseas friends who have forgotten the time difference and, call for a chat at 2am. Handy.

The thing is, since January 1, the Do Not Disturb feature stayed on past it’s pre-set end time. This meant that calls and texts remained silent, and were thus missed by many people. The feature needed to be manually switched off instead.

So, it’s a little unfortunate that on January 1, Apple launched a television commercial to promote this feature. Apparently, it’s the dream about beating the Williams sisters, who are currently belting tennis balls around the tennis centre in Melbourne in preparation for the Australian Open.

Initially, there were reports that the bug would automatically fix itself on January 7. But, the day has come and gone, and for many, the bug remains. I’m sure that if it wasn’t the New Year period there would be cries of ‘another Apple failure’ from the rooftop of tech blogs.

But, for now, it’s a buggy little feature being promoted using the sensational Williams sisters.

iPhone 5 – Do not disturb – Dream ad