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Through the glass darkly: What will we no longer need when the future arrives? [VIDEO]


What will we no longer need in the not-so-distant future? Desktop computers? Paper? A sense of direction?

This ad by glass manufacturer Corning says “yes” to all three. The commercial follows an inhumanly tidy family through a day filled with touch-screens, heads-up displays, GPS mapping and 3D projections. Not a sheet of paper, book or PC in sight. (Corning notes craftily that all of these glass products are simply “electronics enabling,” which means Corning has little or nothing to do with the tech magic the glass displays).

The ad continues a theme that Anthill pounced on a few days ago after U.S. Borders bookstores filed for Chapter 11 — what’s next in line for obsolescence? Candidates in the ensuing conversation included fax machines, textbooks, CDs, data cables and corks.

Does this commercial inspire any other ideas? And while we’re on the subject of the future: Where are our flying cars?

A Day Made of Glass

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