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Confessions of an email marketer: how I learnt to bore customers in one simple step [VIDEO]


If you’ve ever conducted any form of email marketing, you’ll know the fear involved. That moment, before you hit send, when that little voice says to you, ‘Don’t screw this up, kid!’

Talk to anyone who does email marketing for long enough, and the confessions begin to surface. The time they sent the same email twice in a week, the time they sent the email to the wrong database, the time they sent an email with a massive, glaring typo. Come on, you can admit it here. We don’t judge! (We’ve been there too!)

All these things are operational screw-ups. An oversight here and there occasionally  happens to the best of us, despite our systems and processes.

Yet there is a real sin in email marketing. One so bad, that this perpetrator could not even show his face on camera. The video you are about to see was created by an email marketing company. It’s a form of ‘content marketing’. Rather than advertise, this company has opted to educate.

So, how can one simple error screw up your entire campaign? Well, if you commit this sin your open rate will plummet, your click-thrus will tumble and, you will lose credibility.

If you want your customers to not visit your site, this is the way to do it. The only way better to achieve that result, is to not send an email at all.

Confessions of an email marketer