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How observant are you? This nifty Skoda ad will give you the answer [VIDEO]


So, you think you’re really observant? Do you pride yourself on being a details person?

Many entrepreneurs think exactly this but, what’s interesting about this ad from car maker Skoda, is that it will probably prove otherwise.

It proves that we focus on the big things, on the things that we think matter.

It’s become a viral hit, with more than 2.5 million views in a few weeks.

But, what can we learn from it?

Well, probably that we are hyper focused. We are focused on what we think matters but, in doing so, often don’t see the big picture. And, therefore, we miss what is going on around us.

Don’t believe me. Watch this ad and see what you notice.

The new ŠKODA Fabia Attention Test


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