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Why Startups are going to change the world [Infographic]

You may have heard of Tesla Motors, but have you heard of SpaceX, OculusVR or Rethink Robotics? No? Like the electric car pioneer, they...

Has the internet changed our perception of time and space? What is the digital...

Have you ever been to an airport, without cushy lounge access, and discovered your mobile phone battery was in the red? Did you scramble to...

Why bringing the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who to the digital space is harder...

You might think that being given the chance to present a globally established TV brand with a legion of diehard fans and viewers in...

How what we do offline is keeping traditional media alive [Infographic]

It may sound surprising, but there is this black box thingy in everyone’s home that displays moving images. It’s sort of like a computer but it’s a one-way street – output only. You can’t like stuff with it, and there’s nowhere to put a comment. It’s still cool, though, because lots of the latest episodic programmes come through it. It’s called a TV.

What can CRM software do for your customer count? Well, a heap of good...

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the primary tool in any customer service representative’s toolbox. This software collects important customer information like name, demographic information, purchase history, blood type, shoe size – wait, okay never mind the last two.To some it may be a surprise, but CRM systems that are integrated with your website can track customer’s search history, time spent online, operating systems, and connection speeds.

Diamonds are forever thanks to an expanding online business. Ok, stop singing this headline...

What's a 22 year old bloke doing selling diamonds online? Well, with a gap spotted in the market and, a local distribution deal for one of the leading online jewellers in the world, he's taking on traditional retailers that seem to be uninterested in online customers.

Show Pony Fashion uses social media to make $1M in first year. Who says...

Founded little over a year ago on the back of a credit card 'investment' Show Pony Fashion has defied the industry trend of sliding sales to post it's first million dollars in revenue. A combination of internationally-inspired, Australian-designed and affordable garments coupled with an intelligent approach to social media and ecommerce seems to have struck a chord with Australia's fashion-conscious women.

How retailers are changing up their operations to meet the online shopping demand [PODCAST]

In this podcast, Adrian Christie of PayPal Australia talks to Leon and Garry about the exponential rise of online shopping in Australia. With growth rates as high as 400% in the past year, Christie presents his analysis of how thousands of businesses, large and small, are adjusting their retail operations to meet this growing trend.

Five ‘old school’ terms that are vital to ‘new school’ online marketing

Online marketing means many things to many people: A website, Google AdWords, search engine optimisation, creating content 'assets' and getting involved in social media sites. It can sound overwhelming. But there's no need to get scared off by the jargon. The old rules still apply. Here are five 'old school' terms that are still vital to 'new school' marketing.

Google and MYOB join forces to give 50,000 SMEs a free website

Google and MYOB joined forces and launched the 'Getting Aussie Business Online'. The partners plan to provide 50,000 Australian small businesses with one year of basic web site hosting using MYOB's Atlas web builder, two years of .com.au domain registration and $75 worth of Google AdWords at no charge.

Ever IM’ed a friend who was sitting in the same room? Survey reveals what...

A clear majority of Australians today value their laptops more than their TVs, according to a survey commissioned by Intel. With all the talk of the internet becoming a fourth utility in households, that finding may not surprise. But just how internet dependent are we? According to the same survey, a lot of us are now OK chatting online or Facebooking with someone within earshot.

Freelancer.com named Online Business Award winner at Anthill’s 2010 Cool Company Awards

Freelancer.com has a long, long reach. Headquartered in Sydney, the web-based company connects business and individuals who need a task done with those who have the talent do it. Freelancer.com has more than 2 million users. The company describes itself as a marketplace of talent -- an eBay of people, if you will. The company so impressed our august panel of Anthill Cool Company Awards judges that it took top honors in two categories: Global Growth and Online Business.

It’s not about who you know. It’s about who knows you! [5 Steps to...

The concept of personal branding has been discussed widely across the net. Yet many people still think that it's confined to the celebrity set, like Paris Hilton or Justin Timberlake. By definition, personal branding is ‘the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands’. In other words, it’s not about who you know but who knows you!

What makes online retail guru Ruslan Kogan tick?

In this week's interview, Ruslan Kogan, founder and chief executive of Kogan (formerly Kogan Technologies) and recent Anthill 30under30 winner, discusses his take on changes being wrought in retail by direct to public online traders. Word of mouth, service and good value are the keys to success, he says, and his company has just reported a 48 percent quarterly rise in revenue at a time when High Street retailers are feeling the pinch.

The simple mathematics of web conversion (you don’t need to be a rocket scientist)

If you are like most online entrepreneurs, you're probably obsessing about traffic without giving conversions a second thought. But what most website owners don’t realise is that their profits (what they actually can take home) can be multiplied many fold by giving conversions the attention it deserves.

Why are you bothering with online marketing in the first place?

Once upon a time, a week wouldn't pass without at least one phone call or email from an aspiring print magazine publisher. These days, if there is one subject I'm asked my opinion on more than any other it's the strangely daunting topic of online marketing. For that reason, this article aspires to be the first in a series: The Anthill Guide to Online Marketing for Small Business Owners and Startups.

I see public people: If you want online privacy, there is a simple solution....

We've all heard the horror stories. Someone we know who has taken a photo of their privates, uploaded it to a web site to show their friends, only to be surprised when they become the darling of the Friday afternoon email set. A friend of a friend tweets about an evening's indiscretion and wonders just how the hell their partners, friends and partners of friends found out.

I see public people: If you want online privacy, there is a simple solution....

We've all heard the horror stories. Someone we know who has taken a photo of their privates, uploaded it to a web site to show their friends, only to be surprised when they become the darling of the Friday afternoon email set. A friend of a friend tweets about an evening's indiscretion and wonders just how the hell their partners, friends and partners of friends found out.

Monthly first Australian magazine to confirm plans to launch iPad edition. Should we be...

The media release was destined to arrive sooner or later. Who would be the first Australian print magazine to announce definitive plans to launch an iPad edition? The answer came today. Current affairs title The Monthly made the slightly self-conscious announcement that it "is believed to be the first Australian magazine to confirm an iPad edition ready for the tablet’s 28 May Australian launch, or soon after."

Forget Pokemon. Fifteen year-old Lachy Groom created his business swapping ‘gift cards’.

Age has never been a restriction when it comes to entrepreneurship and that certainly rings true in the case of Perth entrepreneur Lachy Groom. Already a serial entrepreneur at the age of 15, he is the founder of a recently launched voucher card trading business that looks set to go places.
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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

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