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Steve Ballmer vs Alan Greenspan. Product marketing 1985-style [VIDEO]

I've always been a little afraid of Steve Ballmer. This video doesn't help. In 1985, on November 20, Microsoft released Windows 1.0. Steve Ballmer, ever the affable chap, stepped in front of the camera to sell this amazing new product.

Fighting the fear of judgement. How to get back your creative mojo and change...

Remember the time that someone, be it a teacher, friend, classmate, parent or a complete random stranger, shattered your creative confidence. You were told your drawing looked nothing like a castle. Or maybe that your idea would never work. As an entrepreneur, you can face this situation often.

Is there anything you can't build with Lego? How a QR code made of...

A QR code built in Lego. I like it already. But the QR code itself is a suggestion of something that could be built. Plus, the code takes you directly to an online store where you can buy the bricks. Really, what's not to like about this genius advertising campaign.

Is this the most brilliant publicity stunt ever? [VIDEO]

It’s a tough economy out there.   Not the actual economy silly, the attention economy. Well, for all you bored and disenfranchised folks who’ve seen it all; here’s an advertising campaign that takes ‘attention-grabbing’ to the next level. With an emphasis on the grabbing. And the attention.

Why a 404 error message is like a Starbucks employee without pants [VIDEO]

It's just something that you don't want to see. While the 404 message, and its cousins, are a part of the system that makes the internet the magnificent thing that it is, it does mean something is wrong. Suddenly, your happy online experience is broken.

Now that's some innovative thinking; a sunlight activated QR code to target midday shoppers

E-mart stores in Korea are what Walmart stores are in America. They are everywhere, wildly popular and sell lots of stuff. Yet, at lunchtime the stores were a ghost town. Few shoppers, few sales. Here's how E-mart used sunlight, QR Codes and good old-fashioned discounting to turn things around.

Why it's awesome that we're still capable of being surprised [VIDEO]

Flash mobs are so 2006 and, yet, they keep happening. Some are good. Most are really ordinary. Yet, even though they keep happening, we keep being surprised. In this video, it's more about being surprised and delighted by elegance and beauty.

Why you should be on Pinterest [VIDEO]

I'll admit it. I have mixed thoughts on Pinterest. To test my suspicions that it's a fad, in April I ran a highly sophisticated survey. OK. Truth is, I ran a Facebook question amongst my friends asking them when they used Pinterest. This infographic video, however, showcases real statistics about the rise of Pinterest.

How Facebook has destroyed politics and why FourSquare is the new world democracy [VIDEO]

What happens on the internet, stays on the internet. The Onion has again risen above all other media outlets with this exclusive report into what Facebook means for the future of American politics.

Shhh! I've built a time machine. Come with me back to New Year's Eve...

If you remember the dotcom heydays, this video is for you. If you don't, then this video is essential viewing for you. Come on a trip back to 1999 and see how the world 'had changed forever' with the rise and rise of internet-based companies. Some of it may sound really familiar.

The three essential elements every video must have to go viral. And it isn't...

With more than 48 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute (yes, every minute), just how can you make your video 'go viral'? Jason Allocca, whose job is to watch online videos every day, as the Trends Manager for the YouTube, explains three elements that define all viral videos.

Thinking outside the bouquet: how to use a tulip as a fire extinguisher [VIDEO]

Don't want to have one of those boring, cylindrical extinguishers in your kitchen in case of a fat fire? Well, someone extremely creative had a genius idea. Disguise it as an artificial tulip fridge magnet. Creative, ingenious, and well, very kitsch. Dare I say it? This might be the perfect Mother's Day gift.

Putting the biscuit in the basket: 3 things every entrepreneur can learn from ice...

If you're a hockey fan, you already know what time of year it is. But, all this puck action got me thinking about what entrepreneurs can learn about hockey. Again, you may think I'm grasping at straws, but bear with me. There is a lot entrepreneurs can learn from hockey and the attitude of its players.

You are never too young to be an entrepreneur; the remarkable story of Caine’s...

Are entrepreneurs born or made? Nine-year-old Caine Monroy spent his summer vacation building his own arcade in his dad's second-hand auto-parts store in the middle of a junkyard. With no budget, in perhaps the world’s least-likely location for a fun park, and with nothing but cardboard boxes and oodles of perseverance, Caine’s dream cardboard arcade became a reality – but sadly, no one came to play. This is his story.

World’s worst drivers caught on pinball? Ford rewards the bad drivers of Paris

At Anthill HQ, we're quite partial to pinball. There's nothing quite like the sound of a pinball machine reverberating through a co-working space to make your presence felt. Ford identified a different kind pinball game. After watching Parisians attempt to reverse park without automatic parking technology, a new game was invented for its latest ad - Pinball Park.

Now, that’s what I call Beer O’Clock! How to get your team to do...

Tired of doing compulsory time sheets? JWT in Brazil had an idea about how to make time sheets more fun. A little bit of technology, a bit of beer, and the near impossible happened. Time sheets were completed with minimal fuss.

Why I love being proven wrong, well sometimes. I’ll admit it, I was wrong...

Before giving my two cents worth, I often utter: "I'm happy to be proven wrong". And, I genuinely mean it. So, with this TED video, I found the need to reassess my opinion of the ukulele. I've also found ukulele is a really weird word to type.

Bears! Hunters! Salty language! It’s time for another choose-your-own-adventure ad

You might recall the first interactive YouTube ad from Tipp-Ex, you know, the correcting tape that you use if you still bother to hand write. First time round, the Bear and Hunter ads got something like 50 million views on YouTube. The choose-your-own-adventure nature of the ads made them a repeat experience for many. Well, they're back.

Is this the best use of Twitter yet? ASCII Art takes on a whole...

Are you old enough to remember the hilarity of ASCII art in plain text chat services? You know, using just the characters on your keyboard to create a funny, or rude (gasp!), image within the chat stream? Well, add ASCII art to a Twitter stream and some magic happens.

Why introverts make great entrepreneurs [VIDEO]

Well, why wouldn't they? There's nothing wrong with being an introvert. There has been recent research about mavericks, or extroverts, being more likely to be entrepreneurs. Yet, the introverted entrepreneur is not as rare as you might think.




New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...