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Cast off your paper notebooks! Locals take iPad pen bundle to Kickstarter for funding [VIDEO]


Despite being surrounded by technology and gadgets, when it comes to meetings, I still like to write. Granted, it’s illegible to everyone else because I do spend 90% of my time typing.

I often spend time flipping through paper notebooks, looking for the notes, or indeed hilarious drawings, I did in a specific meeting. Though that may be more of an insight into my organisational skills.

I dislike typing on my iPad in meetings. I find it distracts me from the conversation. Yet, I can easily write and talk with ease.

Enter Collusion. More than just another iPad pen, although it does look vastly superior to others in market, Collusion brings together a writing app and a cloud based storage system.

The genius behind this is, of course, Australian. Robert Yearsley, Sumeet Patel and Navdeep Siani have all since moved to Palo Alto to pursue the development and launch of Collusion to market.

Watch the video, and if you like what you see, get your early taste of freedom from paper notebooks by funding Collusion on Kickstarter.

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