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Is there anything you can't build with Lego? How a QR code made of Lego doubled sales [VIDEO]


More 3 dimensional QR code fun times!

Last week, it was a QR code that became a sundial in order to get Koreans shoppers into stores at midday.

Now, we’ve got QR codes built out of Lego selling, in a shock twist, Lego.

In this clever campaign, the Lego QR code not only took customers to the MyToys.de website, but it also provided an idea of what could be built with the brick set they were directed to.

If you squint at the QR codes, you’ll see princesses and castles or maybe pirate ships and sharks.

OK. You have to do more than squint. You’ve got to do that thing with your eyes that allows you to see pictures in a Magic Eye poster. You know, it was beyond the skills of William in Mallrats.

Back to the Lego campaign.

The results were stunning. The campaign accounted for 49% of all traffic to the website. Plus, sales of the relevant Lego box sets doubled.

See, Lego can even build the sales volume of Lego.

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