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Fighting the fear of judgement. How to get back your creative mojo and change the world [VIDEO]


The story of David Kelley’s childhood friend having his creative confidence crushed by a classmate is going to resonate with you.

You will watch the opening to this TED video where Kelley, of IDEO and Stanford’s d.school fame, tells this story and it will hit you.

You will remember the time that someone, be it a teacher, friend, classmate, parent or a complete random stranger, shattered your creative confidence.

This was the first time that you became aware of the fear of judgement. The first time your defence mechanisms kicked in and you thought you couldn’t do something.

It may have been when you were a child. It may have been this morning. But I am sure that, at some point, this has happened to you.

We live in a world that likes to label. People are often defined as being creative, analytic or practical. Yet, the truth is, we are all every one of those things.

Kelley explains the process that is needed to allow everyone to regain their creative confidence.

Without creative confidence, what has an entrepreneur got?
OK. We’re all witty, charming and ridiculously good looking.

But you also need to have confidence in your ability to create and implement.
Go on. Let your ideas fly.

Regaining your creative confidence