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Is this the most brilliant publicity stunt ever? [VIDEO]


It’s a tough economy out there.   Not the actual economy silly, the attention economy.

Before you can even attempt to get consumers to hand over their credit cards, you first need them to give you their attention. With today’s folks spending all their time studiously ignoring flashing billboards, snubbing celebrity endorsements and navigating around Google Ads, getting attention has become tougher than ever.

Even fancy new publicity stunts like attempting a Guinness world record, releasing a sex tape or flash-mobbing a crowded train station at peak hour have become so totally meh. It’s a Global Attention Crisis.

Well, for all you bored and disenfranchised folks who’ve seen it all; here’s an advertising campaign that takes ‘attention-grabbing’ to the next level. With an emphasis on the grabbing. And the attention.

Rather than try to cram one more ad into the already-overcrowded marketplace, a group of extremely-clever Belgian advertisers decided to try something unique. They based their campaign in the quietest town square they could find. A square “where nothing ever happens. Ever”.

Then they packed in the drama, with help from some unsuspecting passers-by, a team of stuntmen, and a bikini-clad girl on a motorcycle. Even though only a few dozen small-town Belgians saw the original ad, the video has gone viral and now has over 650,000 views on YouTube.

Now that’s clever advertising.

Is the most brilliant publicity stunt ever?