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Why you should be on Pinterest [VIDEO]


I’ll admit it. I have mixed thoughts on Pinterest. Is it a fad? Is it something useful? Is it worth spending any time on, at all?

To test my suspicions that it’s a fad, in April I ran a highly sophisticated survey. OK. Truth is, I ran a Facebook question amongst my friends asking them when they used Pinterest.

I know my friends are highly digitally savvy, so they are not the ‘average customer’.

Yet, what they told me was this:
– 29% use Pinterest when they receive a Facebook alert that someone has pinned something
– 21% use Pinterest when they were procrastinating and decide to pin some cool pictures
– 21% use Pinterest when someone stumbles across their boards, follows them, which reminds them that they own an account

While this is indicative only, 50% of people said they only went to Pinterest when they got a reminder. That is, they did not wake up in morning and check their Pinterest account, like many do with Facebook. They needed to be prompted.

So, Pinterest, while increasingly popular, does not seem to be capturing people the way that Facebook does.

I’m not saying this is gospel, due the highly unscientific nature of the survey, but it is interesting.

One thing I do find interesting is how you gain access to Pinterest. The wait-list to join is an interesting marketing ploy.

You have to wait to join the ‘cool kids’, who are already on Pinterest. It makes people think they are missing out on something. This gives the illusion of exclusivity. Like bars that have a queue out front to make them appear popular but they are, in fact, are empty inside.

Now, if you want some real statistics about the rise of Pinterest, this video is for you. The data is U.S. based but nonetheless, Australians tends to follow our American neighbours.

Why you should be on Pinterest