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    Until recently, having your DNA tested meant you were either under scrutiny from the law, uncertain of your parentage or concerned that you were predisposed to life-threatening disease. Not the rosiest group of scenarios.

    Now, American company 23andMe is offering a Personal Genome Service to thoroughly analyse your DNA… for fun. All you need to do is spit in a vial and wait for the results.

    Warning, the test does cost US$1,000, but the results reveal everything from the obvious (you have green eyes) to your susceptibility to a whole host of ailments from back pain to diabetes. It will even reveal information on where your mother and father descended from – the hybrid genetic composition of your lineage. In short, who you are, where you’ve come from, where you are heading and what you may leave behind.

    Intrigued? Check it out. You can create a free demo account to explore further.