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Can’t type fast on your tablet? Well, there’s a new technology that’s about to change everything [VIDEO]


Have you heard of microfluitics? No? Well, welcome the a whole new world of awesome.

What this technology does is enable a tactile keyboard suddenly appear from the screen of a tablet device.

It’s a regular looking tablet until, you want to type something. Then, with a press of a finger on the screen, a keyboard appears. I mean, a real, lumpy keyboard.

No more slow typing when the touchscreen doesn’t quite respond quickly enough. This tactile keyboard will enable proper touch typing.

There’s a fluid that’s added to the tactile layer of the table screen. But, it really just looks like some kind of magic that happens before your eyes.

Even Star Trek didn’t have this kind of technology. We really are seeing a whole new view of the future in this video from BBC reporter David at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The company behind this innovative device, Tactus Technology, hopes to have mobile devices with this technology hitting shelves in 2014

Now, I only have one further question about cool technologies. Where is my hovercar?

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