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Need to heat up your creative fire? Here are 29 ways to do it


According to this video, the No. 1 thing among 29 ways to stay creative is to make a list. Ha ha. We get it.

Circular logic aside, this is a pretty useful list. Adventurous spirits that you are (or else you wouldn’t be here), you’re keenly aware that consistently accessible and unfettered creativity is crucial to building and sustaining a business venture. But how do you keep that right-side brain activity on warp drive? How do you avoid a creative flameout when you can least afford it?

We can’t answer that, but there are 28 other gambits in the video. One or more is sure to light your wick.

There’s No. 7: Sing in the shower — a personal favorite at Chez Anthill. And No. 23: Read a page of the dictionary — not our cuppa but it might work for you. And No. 11: Surround yourself with creative people — entrepreneurs hear that one a lot.

So let the video run, then let us know: Which “way” resonates most with you? Do you have a creativity igniter to add to the list?

29 Ways to Stay Creative