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Which career should you choose when playing in EVE online? [SPONSORED]


EVE Online is a game that drops you into a huge galaxy filled with inter-stellar empires, wars, perils and opportunity with not much more than a ship and a “go getter” attitude and says “Goodbye sweetie, have fun!”

And that is exactly what makes it such an awesome title, it is a consequence of the choices made by its players that go about their business getting rich, winning wars and exploring the galaxy.

The very first of the choices you get to make as a player is what career path you are going to take as a capsuleer, and to help you decide, we decided to give you a brief introduction on the three most popular ones.


If money makes the world go round, it also holds the very stars within the chains of the market, and by mastering the path of business, you can be the one holding these chains.

There is not much of a a secret making a successful businessman in the world of EVE. You want to amass as much Inter Stellar Kredits as possible by manipulating the market.

“A business play style can be summarized as: Buy goods at a low price, haul them to a profitable area, sell them as high as possible. Get more goods, repeat the process.”

The catch is that you have to do this without getting raided, scammed, or killed.


Wherever there is intelligence in the universe, there is also going to be conflict, and in EVE that couldn’t be any different. By taking a career in the military of your chosen empire you are sure to see a ton of action throughout the galaxy.

Not just because EVE’s lore itself is one about conflict amidst the cosmos, but also because you will likely find yourself in one of the many alliance wars that happen when players amass hundreds of ships to fight for resources.

Of course, you will not be fighting for free, and can expect to be well compensated for your efforts by your allies and by your enemies whose ships will be yours to spoil.


Speaking of spoils, you may have understood by now that the galaxy is a dangerous place, and you would be right as there is a fair share of unlucky soul that find themselves becoming space scrap, forever floating in the void.

These can be unfortunate vendors, vanquished warships, pirates who have finally been caught, but defeat makes them all equal. They are equally valuable for the scavenger.

Merchants need their goods to come from somewhere, and the military can’t go through the wreckage themselves. What’s wrong in making a little money by filling the gap?


The great thing about being given absolute freedom in a game is that you are, in a sense, being given the opportunity to own it, choosing exactly what the experiences you value the most. And this is where EVE excels, as the game is a product of its player base.

This means that whatever path you choose, it is going to have a direct impact on the galaxy, you will no longer be just a statistic, but a part of a living, breathing galaxy.