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Dropped a toaster on your notebook? No worries, it’s a Chrome


The folks at Google who gave us the eye-popping speed test video are at it again. This time, they’re pimping the Chrome notebook, which they say integrates with cloud data storage seamlessly and without interruption.

So if, for instance, you’re in the middle of a PowerPoint for the stockholders and your notebook (oops) is accidentally dipped into a vat of liquid nitrogen, you don’t lose your place, Google says.

Mad props to the video’s star, Chrome UX designer Glen Murphy, who sits by calmly as several notebooks are taken away from him and subjected to malicious modes of destruction. (We’re told that 25 notebooks were violently dispatched for this video.)

“I haven’t had this much bad luck in quite a while,” Murphy says in a wonderful I-am-not-an-actor monotone.


Chrome notebook promotional video

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