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Website of the Week: What would you do for a Fiverr?


Fiverr is a website that invites people to nominate what they’d be prepared to do for $5.

After learning of its existence, I figured it was going to be jokey. And, indeed, there are some humorous “gigs” (see below). However, Fiverr is a serious commercial site — it’s brimming with legitimate postings by service providers who are deadly serious about completing the jobs they offer (the site facilitates the transaction). It’s quite remarkable how much work some people will do for US$5.

Here are a few Fiverr gigs that caught my eye and/or made me smile:


Crowdsourcing might still be a controversial topic in some quarters, but it’s definitely here to stay. It’s the purest manifestation of internet-enabled globalisation. Crowdsourcing online is now a crowded marketplace, as evidenced by the success of websites sites such as elance, guru.com, Freelancer.com, DesignCrowd and 99Designs.

New entrants seeking to break through in the space need to offer something a little different to these established players. Comparable to the focus inherent in Twitter’s 140-character-per-tweet limit or Catchoftheday.com.au‘s ‘only available for 24 hours’ model, restrictive parameters such as Fiverr’s US$5 mandate lend an elegant simplicity to the offering.

I should point out that I can’t vouch for the quality or timeliness of anything that’s on offer — by way of research I ordered a $5 dollar logo for my Posterous blog and two days after deadline I’ve received nothing and the supplier hasn’t responded to two of my messages. So buyer beware.

But hey, it’s five bucks.

Via Lost At E Minor