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Why every startup is really just like a flashmob orchestra [VIDEO]


If you think about it, a startup is a lot like an orchestra.

There are often lots of people with different skills all trying to work towards a single outcome. So, that’s a lot like a group musicians playing different instruments but all playing the same song.

The one thing that brings it all together is the leader – the CEO or, the conductor.

Without them, it would be just a bunch of people standing around with different ideas or, playing random bits of music that clash. It’s the skill of the leader to bring everything together at the right time.

See, that’s the kicker. As as a startup grows, new talent is brought in. They bring in new skills (or instruments). They need to not only work towards the same goal (or play the same song) but, they also need to enrich the outcome.

This is actually an ad for the fourth largest bank in Spain, Banco Sabadell. It was to celebrate the bank’s 130th anniversary.

But, think about it this way. As each musician and chorister joins this flashmob marketing stunt, the musical performance is enriched and the audience is enthralled. Yet, they all are working towards the same goal.

While these musicians and choristers are all singing from the same song sheet, it is the conductor that brings them all together to achieve something great.

I can take the analogy even further if you like. At the start of the video, just one person kicks off the performance. She simply places a few coins in the hat of a busker. And, just like that, the music begins.

A small investment at the start can reap a big reward when the whole thing comes together. But, you already knew that didn’t you?

Now, go find your song sheet. Starting conducting your startup to achieve great things.

Som Sabadell flashmob