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Get your free 'Renegade Rockstar' DVD ('Productise or Die!')


This FREE 90-minute ‘Productise or Die’ DVD will help any ‘infopreneur’ discover the three Ps of product creation:

  1. Prospecting – the easy, step-by-step process that will help you discover your niche market and how to build a business that both you and they love!
  2. Productisation – finding intellectual property that is already in your business and packaging that IP into information products that are ready to sell.
  3. Propaganda – the secrets to promoting and selling your information product to information hungry consumers who will beat down your door to hand you money.

You will be blown away by the intensity and value you will derive from this feature production. If you are (or aspiring to be) a business coach, speaker, trainer or infopreneur, register for your free ‘Productise or Die’ DVD.

Presented by Leela Cosgrove

Five years ago, Leela Cosgrove was just another office drone, working temporary admin jobs to make ends meet. After being plucked from obscurity and apprenticed to a self-made millionaire, she founded Business Writers Anonymous and established herself as Australia’s #1 Information Product Specialist and “the chick who can monetise anything”.

Leela has since worked with some of the biggest names on the Australian and US speaking circuits, producing more than 100 products across a range of industries that have created in excess of $5 milllion in value for her clients. In 2009, she increased her own business by 400% in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis.

Leela’s mission is to unleash an army of authentic and congruent next generation Rockstars to wreak havoc and turn the business world on its head. She is also a prolific writer for Anthill Magazine, recognised for her controversial, yet always thought-provoking views.

What is the Renegade Rockstar Conference?

Are you an over-worked, underpaid business owner? Wouldn’t you prefer to be an entrepreneurial ‘renegade rockstar‘?

Join fellow game-changers. Learn advanced “What’s Working NOW” information marketing secrets never before shared in Australia. Catapult your income while slashing the amount of time you spend slaving over boring, repetitive tasks that, frankly, are beneath you.

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