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Visual Domain shares 5 tips on how SMEs can win business from the big brands


With Visual Domain, we found that we didn’t need a savvy sales or a marketing budget, we set out with a goal to make things easier for businesses and this ultimately meant breaking the video rulebook.

If you think about your industry, how can you break the rulebook that everyone else seems to follow? In order to stand out, it might mean doing things a little differently.

For example, video was always perceived as being costly, time consuming and difficult to produce so we did the opposite. We focused on streamlining the process to make it faster, more cost-effective and last but not least, a fun and enjoyable experience from the get-go.

One of the key components of a successful business is letting your product sell for you. One good job will lead to many more and may even catch the attention of big brands.

But if the big brands come knocking, do you have systems in place to deal with the workload? You can have a great product and service, but you need technology behind you to really make it work.

How do you take on the big boys?

Top tips to get you in front of the right people at the right time include:

1. Make the process easy and fun for you clients: No matter the industry you specialise in, make it easy AND fun. Everyone wants to enjoy the process, so make sure your clients enjoy the experience and feel a part of the process from the very start.

2. Good systems and processes: Consistency is the most important thing for your clients, have clear processes in place and quality control. For example, there’s lots of steps in the process of creating a video form pre-production, to filming, editing and delivery but every step has to be smooth and everyone in our team has a role to play in making it a positive client experience.

3. Make sure you get the service right every single time: Your clients will understand if you make mistakes, but only if you own them and learn from them.

4. Technology is your best friend: Having a product or service is great, but you need to have the systems in place in order to support your day to day. When the big guys coming knocking, will you be able to meet their demands? Or grow fast enough in terms of resources? Technology is vital in ensuring your business runs smoothly.

5. Be innovative and dare to break the norms of your industry: Have something unique to offer, the digital world is moving fast and we need to move with it. Clients will expect you to be proactive and tell them about the latest innovation or trend, so think outside the square and break the norms.

Daniel Goldstein is the Co-Founder and Director of Visual Domain, one of Australia’s leading video agencies.

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