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The only three ways to get media coverage. (Seriously, there are no other, excluding blackmail.)


This week, I’ve been resting and recouperating from a fierce flu.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time. My clever, articulate and erudite editor, Jen Storey, is on annual leave, sunning it up somewhere other than here. This means that your favourite editor-at-large personally had to perform editorial work for the first time since… well… I don’t remember.

This also means that I had to delve into the email folder marked [email protected], where we receive approximately 60 media releases every hour. That’s about one a minute, for those not so swish on the basics of arithmetic, like me. (I can barely spell it and I know words like ‘bellicosity’.)

Now, imagine what it must be like to work as a journalist for the mainstream media.

Aside from dealing with dwindling paycheques, mass redundancies and managers who once wrote off the interwebs as a ‘fad’, these people also have to put up with your ill-fated attempts to garner their attention.

So, what you’re about to watch is me sitting in a car (with blocked nose and itchy eyes), explaining why only a handful of media releases are ever artfully transformed into stories by the small posse of bellicocious bad-asses we call our editorial crew.

How to get media coverage. (Man, you look terrible!)