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The force is strong in this one. Warning, genius viral marketing at work [VIDEO]


This video is a marketing stunt, pulled in a coffee shop in New York.

The floors and walls are rigged and, the shop is full of actors seated at tables (also rigged). The rest of the customers are real people, getting their morning caffeine hit.

It’s a normal, every day scene of people having coffee until, one guy accidentally bumps a girl.
She spills her coffee into her computer. That’s enough to cause anyone to be outraged but, in this instance, it goes a little bit further.

What follows next is an interesting study in human behaviour. Despite all the Hollywood movies we’ve seen, when we encounter something out of the ordinary, the reaction is the same: fear. Genuine fear.

Judging by the fear on the faces of the real patrons of the coffee shop, it’s not hard to see why the X-Men had to fight prejudice. It’s a reaction that X-Men character Jean Grey is very familiar with.

What’s the whole marketing stunt in aid of? The new movie version of Carrie, based on the Stephen King novel. It opens in the U.S. in eight days time.

How viral has this video become? It’s been viewed almost 25 million times in a little over three days.

Telekinetic coffee shop surprise