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Can you imagine walking around with a camera crew… in your smartphone?

Ever since its invention, video has always been a powerful tool for communication. And, it looks like we could now harness this power even...

Australian women choose work-life balance over wealth: how women are measuring their professional success

Women in Australia feel confident about their careers and upbeat about their ability to have a fulfilling work and family life. A massive 82% of the 400 Australian respondents consider their careers ‘successful’, while 70% of those with children believe they can ‘have it all’.

Eight ways you should be using LinkedIn to generate business to business sales leads

LinkedIn allows you to showcase who you are and what your business is about with a company page. Use your page to build a brand narrative to be proud of. Post status updates and share content that is valuable to your prospects. One of the coolest features you must not ignore is the “services” or “products” tabs which showcase your solutions.

Are you delivering a 5-star online user experience? If not, why not?

You launched a business website and then leaned back thinking, “Phew! Finally, I’m done!” Oh how wrong you were...

Social media for dummies, oops, financial advisors

Just how much social media does a financial adviser need? It’s a question that intrigues many other professionals too, as they come to terms with new realities of engagement with their clients, and an even larger number of potential ones.

How LinkedIn made my day or how you can make your customers feel special...

This morning I got an email from LinkedIn. I get a few of these, sometimes I open them, sometimes I don't. This one instantly had my attention.

Can Richard Branson solve the problem with the ‘war on drugs’? [VIDEO]

The 'war on drugs' has been raging and raging for almost all of my lifetime. And, frankly, I feel old. So, for this 'war' to...

The ‘Creative’ bug on LinkedIn! Time to get over it?

Does a buzzword in LinkedIn profiles describe a nation as well? Viewing nations through this prism, Spain is “specialised,” Switzerland is “analytical,” India is “effective,” Egypt is “multinational,” Brazil is “experimental,” and France and Italy are, well, “responsible.” China, curiously, is not listed in LinkedIn’s study.

It’s the technology, stupid!

The Entourage Group has traditionally run mentoring programs, primarily for the young to learn, in a manner of speaking, at the feet of the old. It might just be the time for a switcheroo – allowing the older lot to learn from the young, and catch up with technology.

SMEs dumping Internet in the face of economic slump

The Business Monitor, which surveyed 1,004 SME operators, found online business activity such as online transactions, email marketing and social media to be in decline. Less than a quarter (24%) used search engines to promote their business, down from nearly one-third (31%) in March. Social media activity on Facebook, YouTube and Google+ fell three percentage points to 15% and professional networking on LinkedIn fell six percentage points to 13%

Microsoft joins the corporate chatter as companies go social

Yammer’s got some great numbers. Its software is used by five million people at 200,000 companies, nearly 85% of the Fortune 500 companies. What's more, reports suggest Yammer reached seven-figure revenues at least two years ago. But will it be the answer to Microsoft's social ambitions?

Facebook IPO: To buy or not to buy!

Not too long ago, the existentialist question in the time of Facebook was: To join or not to join. Now, after the social networking site — the third largest grouping in the world, behind only the countries of China and India in population — filed for an initial public offering, the question is, well: To buy or not to buy Facebook stock.

Most Australians are “creative.” At least, according to LinkedIn.

"Creative" topped LinkedIn's list of the most overused buzzwords of 2011, as revealed through a study of members' profiles on the global networking site. "Extensive experience," last year's number-one phrase, was the runner-up this year, with "effective", "track record" and "motivated" claiming spots three through five.

Smelly refrigerators, constant complainers and other Australian office pet peeves

Picture this: You open the door of the office microwave or refrigerator and are walloped by a stench normally reserved for garden compost piles. Welcome to one of the top pet peeves among Australian office workers, according to a survey commissioned by LinkedIn.

Netregistry and MYOB in game of freemium face-off to target each other’s turf

Earlier this year, accounting software provider MYOB partnered up with Google to provide free websites, domains and hosting to small businesses in Australia using its MYOB Atlas website creation tool. Now, in what appears to be a game of business-model-swapsies, domain and hosting company Netregistry has teamed up with Reach Accounting to offer free cloud-based accounting software. So, MYOB is offering free internet services to win paying accounting customers, while Netregistry is offering free accounting services to win paying internet customers. What the!?

Lessons from a LinkedIn lush: Why I regret becoming an open networker

One of the decisions I made when I joined LinkedIn was to become an “open networker.” I’m on a list that says I am open to connecting. Three years later and I have thousands of first-degree connections. Now... I kind of regret it.

The Rise of the Social Economy, Part 1: What is social media really?

It seems as if every company is now looking to social media as a marketing panacea for the woes of the GFC. In this three-part series, Mark Cameron takes a close look at the social media landscape, describes some of the 'platforms', examines how these are changing the market place and outlines a strategic framework for deploying social media as a branding, marketing, PR and intelligence tool.

Food Relief 2.0: Social networks rally around the flood-affected, offering both money and resources

Flood relief has officially gone 2.0. As 75% of Queensland braces itself for a ‘post-war scale’ clean-up in the wake of the recent devastating floods, online communities have rallied together on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to coordinate both donations and resources.

Think you’re ‘dynamic’ and have ‘extensive experience’? LinkedIn says, Keep it to yourself

LinkedIn, the worldwide network for professionals, has released the most common empty-calorie words or phrases in members' profiles and assembled a top 10 ranking for 12 countries. The best of the worst in Australia is "extensive experience."

Australians are hot for social media, except to advance their careers

While Australian dive deeply into social media for their personal lives, they aren't using their online prowess nearly as much to advance their careers, recent research by LinkedIn suggests. Only 3% said they would be comfortable being approached for jobs via Facebook and 1% via Twitter.
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