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The ‘Creative’ bug on LinkedIn! Time to get over it?


What do choice adjectives used in LinkedIn profiles reveal about ourselves?

Consider “creative,” a term that is, perhaps, mostly aspirational for most. It is the most popular phrase Australians used to describe themselves for the second year in a row. Australians are not the only lot seeking, or rather claiming, the creative juices. It was also the most popular term among the world’s 187 million.

Besides “creative,” the top 10 most popular terms used by Australians are “effective,” “motivated,” “extensive experience,” “track record,” “innovative,” “responsible,” “analytical,” “communication skills,” and “positive.”

Buzzwords as proxy for nations!

LinkedIn has run this buzzword analysis for the third consecutive year. “Creative” was the top buzzword in the 2011 rankings as well. In 2010, “extensive experience” was the top buzzword.

Does a buzzword in LinkedIn profiles describe a nation as well?

Viewing nations through this prism, Spain is “specialised,” Switzerland is “analytical,” India is “effective,” Egypt is “multinational,” Brazil is “experimental,” and France and Italy are, well, “responsible.” China, curiously, is not listed in LinkedIn’s study.

Of the lot, the Brazilians appear to be the most honest, with few pretensions. The Swiss sound distinctly plausible. But the rest is a mixture of aspirational, or maybe delusional.

Regardless, with millions of professionals calling themselves “creative,” how does one set himself or herself apart?

“If you want to stand out it’s important to have a profile and a summary that is genuine and represents your skills, strengths and aspirations,” says Sally-Anne Blanshard, career coach and director at Nourish Coaching in Brisbane.

Blanshard suggest making reference to specific projects or achievements, and also cross-referencing “your recommendations and testimonials with what you state you are good at.”

For those bitten by buzzword bug, LinkedIn offers three ways to “remove the sting and make your profile sparkle in 2013”:

Check out the competition. Learn from a review of your peers. Run a LinkedIn Advanced People Search for people who live in your area and have the same job title as you.

Win endorsements. Add relevant LinkedIn Skills and expertise to your profile, your first-degree connections can endorse you for those specific skills.

Get a killer headline. Your professional headline is one of the first things people see in LinkedIn search results. Draw people in and entice them to read your complete LinkedIn Profile.