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Are you delivering a 5-star online user experience? If not, why not?


You launched a business website and then leaned back thinking, “Phew! Finally, I’m done!”

Oh how wrong you were… you only took the first step in a never-ending journey!

So, your website offers potential clients a chance to learn more about your business. It could even boost your sales, but you also need to ask yourself if those visitors are getting a good user experience.

So how do you achieve this?

Identify your target audience

Start by identifying your target audience and find out what their exact needs are so that you can fulfill them. You know those websites which try to sell you everything at once as soon as you land on them. Whatever adds no value to your site does not belong there; give it the boot so that your site is neat and free of clutter. Keep the important stuff so that it can be seen clearly without having to scroll down the page.

Design the architecture

Next, let’s look at the design. How user-friendly is your current website when it comes to navigation? Can your visitors find any of your site’s internal pages?

Your site architecture should be such that moving between pages flows very easily. Make proper use of the navigation bars to link the different sections of the site. Footer navigation links at the bottom of each page should not be left out either.

Design the interaction

Now let’s work on interaction. Visitors should be encouraged to interact with your website as much as possible. How? Maybe you could make a provision for leaving comments.

Social media buttons for them to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media platforms are yet another option. Get creative! Just make sure you create opportunities for them to interact with you.

Start with an end goal in mind

Lastly, work towards your desired outcome. What do you want your visitors to do when they land on your site?

If you want people to read information about products or services, then put clear links to them. Do you want them to buy a product? Then don’t hesitate to place that ‘Buy Now’ button.

If you want them to opt-in to your mailing list, provide a clear opt-in form for them to fill in. You can accompany this with a few freebies to give them some incentive.

Sleek huh?

I may not be Einstein but if you execute all the above, you can thank me later!