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Can you imagine walking around with a camera crew… in your smartphone?


Ever since its invention, video has always been a powerful tool for communication. And, it looks like we could now harness this power even better thanks to one Aussie start-up, Vimily.

Vimily recently announced its global launch with a mobile app and platform that will allow companies to create shareable online video content for video competitions, consumer or business events and market research. The videos can be branded with the company’s logo and linked to any website.

How does Vimily work?

With Vimily, video content can be easily created, managed and socialised in three simple steps:

  1. Interview questions are pre-defined and displayed in the mobile app to prompt users on the subject matter.
  2. The video is recorded and demographic information of an interviewee is gathered on the mobile app and uploaded instantly to Vimily’s platform.
  3. After a video has been approved for publication, the company can repost videos on their own social platforms and websites. Vimily also sends a link of the video to an interviewee so they can share it across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.

The Vimily app has undeniably punched quite a hole in the cost of producing online video. With just a few smartphone-armed promotional staff, videos of up to three minutes can be created on the Vimily app, uploaded directly from a smartphone to a Vimily secured back-end platform that is hosted on Amazon Web Services. Did somebody call a camera crew? Nope, not here.

A call to action can also be embedded on each video, be it a donation request, personal details for a video competition or click to visit a website for further information. And in the future, a pre-roll video advertisement can be incorporated at the end of a video to enhance brand recognition with audiences. Sleek huh?

Why is Vimily relevant right now?

Matt Barnett, Vimily’s CEO and Co-founder, believes that online video is providing a more effective way for companies to engage with their customers and to drive deeper engagement with their brands.

Barnett said, “Brands are increasingly looking for opportunities to create more meaningful conversations with large audiences in more unique ways. Vimily has designed an app and platform to create personally relevant content in a cost-effective manner that can be shared easily with the masses.”

Most recently at CeBIT Australia, Vimily created a record 1,281 videos where they interviewed exhibitors pitching their businesses to delegates at CeBIT.

Originally created in November 2012 as a video platform for families to share their legacies in a closed network environment, Vimily has since evolved to become an online video community that allows brands and consumers to create and share videos online.

Vimily is currently supported on iOS devices and a free version of the Vimily app is available for download from iTunes for users who want to create and share videos on Vimily’s public platform. A release to support Android devices is expected in 2013 and Vimily will open its API to support customised app developments using Vimily’s technology in the future.