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I’ve heard this internet thingy might be the next big thing! Check out this 1981 news story [VIDEO]


I love this video.

I love the hair. I love the clothes and, I love the forward thinking that is shows.

It’s 1981 (were you even born then?). A San Fransisco news station decides to do a story on this future amazing thing called the internet.

What else happened in 1981?

MS-DOS was about to be released by Microsoft because IBM wanted an operating system for its original personal computer.

After being booted off the Apple Lisa team and discovering the Macintosh development plans, Steve Jobs became the Chairman of Apple that year.

Donkey Kong was released.

Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Elijah Wood, Brendan Fevola, Paris Hilton and Lleyton Hewitt were born.

Oh, and Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer.

Now you’re in the headspace, step back in time! (Which, if you’re a Kylie fan, you’ll know wasn’t actually released until 1990).

And, yes. In 1981, there were hipster beards. I consider them to be proto-hipsters.

Look how far we’ve come in 33 years.

KRON TV – Internet Report, 1981


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