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Sometimes you have to tell the truth; even if it’s bad [VIDEO]


Telling the truth can be an awful experience when the facts can’t be sugar coated.

That’s something most entrepreneurs learn early. Call a spade a spade, and then use the spade to dig yourself out of the bad spot.

Case in point is this blog post from the Humane Society in Silicon Valley. This animal shelter had a dog that was, and there is no other way to put this, a jerk.

But, the staff knew that even a jerk dog like Eddie deserved a home, and a good one. So, they used some great copy writing and video evidence to show just how much of a jerk this dog is.

And, you guessed it, by being honest, Eddie found a forever home. This means that by not sugar-coating things, the new owners were not surprised when he went from zero to Cujo in microseconds.

If they had gone with a sugar-coated version of the ad, it’s likely Eddie would have been returned to the shelter.

So, the lesson learned is exactly what you think it is. Tell the truth. While sometimes it may be hard to accept the truth, the moment that you do, things become much more clear.

Learn it from Eddie.

Eddie, bad to the bone