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Nikki Durkin of 99dresses talks about the challenge of sudden success


Nikki Durkin and her 99dresses enterprise have been one of the signature stories among Australian startups over the past year. In this interview with StartCast, Durkin offers insight into how she developed her company out of a simple question on her Facebook page.

Durkin, who attracted 40,000 Facebook “event” attendees before her site launched, talks openly about how she wrestled to make the sudden spike in interest manageable within Facebook’s sometimes arcane rules. She also chats about what it’s like to be a website founder without deep technical know-how, and dishes on what she might change if she had a do-over on her startup.

StartCast, a venture by Justin Flynn and David Fay, wants to tell the story of our nation’s startup scene — off to a promising start, with interviews posted from conferences such as last spring’s Sydstart. StartCast’s most recent post is a chat with Pollenizer’s Mick Liubinskas.

StartCast interviews Nikki Durkin of 99dresses

Nikki Durkin interview, part 2

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