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Here’s why saying ‘My customers are not on Facebook’ is like saying ‘My customers don’t watch television’. It’s kinda stoopid.


WHAT IS A HUMP DAY? According to Anthill’s founder and editor-at-large, it’s the logical name for a Wednesday (also known as ‘hump day’) brain dump. Once a week (or when he can be bothered), James Tuckerman records (often poorly) an unusual insight gathered from the many interesting people he meets during his travels. It’s a Hump Dump!

This week’s Hump Dump was prompted by a carefree remark made over beers and nachos at an Irish Bar in Brisbane.

An old buddy of mine mentioned, unprompted, that his business had no place on Facebook.

What my unsuspecting friend didn’t realise was that, on the following day, I was scheduled to make a presentation on “How to create a self-building, largely self-managing Facebook prospect base” on behalf of Interactive Minds.

While that exchange lasted, maybe, 45 minutes, I have distilled my main arguments into this two-minute hump dump. The statistics referred to were heavily influenced by this amazing infographic created by Socialite Media (below).

Can Facebook be used for B2B marketing?

Facebook in Australia Statistics Infographic