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Everything you need to know about content marketing you can learn from a resignation interpretive dance [VIDEO]


Marina Shifrin has spent the last two years working her tail off making video content.

Her performance in this job was judged by how many views each video received.

If you know anything about marketing, you’ll know that measuring the right metrics is as important as the execution of the idea.

So, when it comes to content marketing, it’s not about views. It’s about the content. If the content is amazing, the views will come.

Shifrin clearly reached a breaking point in working so hard towards the wrong goal. She reached it at 4:30am, she was still at work.

Rather than just resigning or, not bothering to turn up at work ever again, she went out in style.

She made a video. It’s got an intriguing headline, good music, humour and, a great story.
Guess what that makes it? Yes. Good content.

It’s achieved over four million views in three days. Here’s hoping her former boss takes her constructive feedback on board.

(Video hat tip to Rishad Sukhia)

An interpretive Dance for my boss set to Kanye West’s Gone


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