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Sebastien International goes to Paris


If you haven’t been following the adventures of Anthill contributor and serial entrepreneur Sebastien Eckersly-Maslin (aka Sebastien International), here’s a primer.

In 10 days, Eckersly-Maslin traveled to six countries on five continents and met with numerous people in a bid to create ‘the world’s smallest multi-national’.

Sponsored and orchestrated by Servcorp, Eckersley-Maslin was able use the facilities of this international brand (and drop the Servcorp name liberally) as he circuited the globe.

In this episode, Eckersley-Maslin spends a day in Paris, encounters his first setbacks and can be seen completing his Anthill 30under30 application while on the Eurostar!

He also scored himself lunch at Le Jules Verne on the Eiffel Tower and a potential distribution partner, demonstrating the truth in his sentiment that luck is self-made.

Sebastien International: Episode 4