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Register for the Master Business Bake Up [LIVE EVENT SERIES]


The Master Business Bake Up series is like a cooking class… for business builders.

We teach you a recipe that you can ‘cook’ on the day, in under 90 minutes, or take back to your business and implement later. Change your business, over breakfast.


It’s a cooking class… for business outcomes.

Here are just some of the topics we’ll be cooking up in 2013:

GET LEADS: How to turn your site into a lead generation machine
RAISE VENTURE CAPITAL: How to raise venture and angel capital
CONTENT MARKETING: Become a content marketing maven
FACEBOOK FOR BUSINESS: Master Facebook as prospect funnel
LEARN TO EXIT: How to find buyers and sell your business
MASTER BRANDING: How to become a micro industry leader
LEARN TO PITCH: How to create the perfect pitch
MASTER TWITTER: How to create a Twitter prospect funnel
RAISE CROWD FUNDS: Raise capital via crowdfunding
START PODCASTING: Become the voice of your industry

We have chosen topics that will help you claw back time, help you take advantage of new technologies, that will help you improve cashflow, (increase leads and sales) and make your business stronger. (REGISTER.)

Have you ever attended a cooking class?

Aspiring chefs come to watch an industry leader prepare a popular recipe. A meal is cooked. The expert walks the audience through the recipe and process. Aspiring chefs learn how to create something from nothing.

The celebrity chef does not simply describe ‘how’ a meal is cooked. He or she cooks it. The celebrity chef does not hold back or keep secrets. Every shortcut and tip is revealed. The celebrity chef does not share opinions. The chef shows how to get something done. A clear outcome is achieved… on the day.

Now… imagine a business event that follows this format. (REGISTER.)

We reward the proactive, the loyal and the engaged.

If you are serious about making big changes to the way you do business in 2013, grab a ticket or register for future events now. Each event is limited to only 80 people. (Hands on cooking!) By limiting the numbers, we increase the learning and reward the proactive. Each event increases in price as the event draws near. This way, we can give Anthillians the option to get tickets before they sell out, and reward the loyal.

How do we reward the proactive? Register to find out.

Who’s the dude in the funny hat?

Here’s how Anthill’s James Tuckerman describes a Bake Up