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COVID-19 challenges in Australia put focus on cost reduction and utilisation of fleet

COVID-19 challenges in Australia put focus on cost reduction and utilisation of fleet

LBM Fleet Solutions, an innovative Australian, Fleet Solutions start-up is assisting Australian organisations plan for the future as they look to expand or consolidate their fleet following business impacts because of COVID-19.

 ‘For the past 8-10 months or so, organisations in Australia have had to shift the way they work, with the majority of employees working from home.  As we come into 2021, organisations are looking for ways to make the most of their existing resources,” said Gerard McLennan, CEO LBM Fleet Solutions.

‘Our user base has grown over 50% since the start of 2020 and we have seen an increased interest from existing and new clients to have a greater understanding of their fleet, and how their fleet usage has changed in the past year.

With an emphasis on working from home and virtual online meetings, in most cases there is a need to pivot and change the fleet,’ he continued.

LBM Fleet Solutions assists in making intelligent data driven decisions easy. Organisations can get an understanding of the utilisation and cost of the fleet, business vs private usage and if the right car is being used per the relevant policies.

What makes LBM Fleet Solutions unique?

‘The reason our clients like us is because we’re a completely independent platform. We aren’t biased by what cars you have or how you purchase them.

We just want to give you true visibility of your fleet and what it’s doing, then see what insights or actions will come from that, that’s the first step’. Gerard continued.

LBM Fleet Solutions ‘Driver Safety’ program also has an impact on reducing costs by reducing wear and tear, less repairs & maintenance, less infringements, but most importantly keeping everyone on the roads safe

LBM Fleet Solutions customers have seen a reduction of up to 88% in safety incidents across their fleets by implementing their Driver Safety program, which includes a proprietary Safety Scoring system. 

‘For us, this is really what hits home. If we can make more people aware of their driving behavior, paying attention to their speed and taking breaks when required, we can help everyone travel safe and get home to their families every night’ said David Lu, Chief Experience Officer at LBM Fleet Solutions.

LBM Fleet Solutions was founded by Gerard McLennan and David Lu following on from their other successful ventures CarParking.info (Cheap Parking app) & FBTme, an online parking valuation service. For more information about LBM Fleet, visit here.

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