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From racing cars to road safety: This gaming founder is doing her ‘life work’ to keep kids safe [VIDEO]


Other than entertainment, Lisa Skaife believes the real purpose of motorsport is to research, test and develop products for mainstream use, and that’s exactly why she’s spent nearly 10 years developing myDRIVESCHOOL® – a simulation game to teach kids how to drive online.

The program is a combination of simulation, gaming & Ai delivered simply on PC with portable steering wheel and pedal set, or with multi-screens, motion platforms, in VR or full simulator experience.

After nearly 8 years, the first myDRIVESCHOOL® program was launched at the 2019 Australian Grand Prix and went on to win the Australasian Serious Games Challenge the same year, with the highest score in the history of the event.

What is the inspiration behind myDRIVESCHOOL?

Road trauma is the biggest killer of 4 – 29yo globally, with over 85% of fatalities caused by driver error. The main purpose of the program is to increase competency levels in order to decrease fatalities. In a blind randomised test the students that completed the myDRIVESCHOOL® program rated 48% more competent and 17% less anxious.

The program has been played by over 5000 students. The primary market is B2B in schools for 15-18yo students, but unfortunately all schools cancelled this year due to COVID.

Now rather than sit around waiting to come out of lockdown, she wants to bring forward development of the next phase, which promises to be even better than the first. “This new program is all about texting & driving, drug/alcohol impairment, country/rural driving and fatigue management. 4 of the 5 leading causes of teenage road trauma. The other being speed which we cover in every exercise in every program”.

What has myDRIVESCHOOL been up to lately?

Since COVID the company has pivoted to focus on more online B2C sales, processes, partnerships, Government lobbying and developing new markets such as disability, rehabilitation, ADHD, anxiety, immigration onboarding, emergency services and other specialist applications.

The business has registered Trademarks in USA, UK, NZ and Australia, and in recent months has expressions of interest for distribution rights in UK and NZ. The program can be converted to Left Hand Drive for other international markets.

They have now opened up a Birchal equity crowd funding campaign to raise $250K+ to finish development of the new program and to build the team, to grow and scale the business.

The equity crowd funding campaign has several benefits – raising awareness of the program, building a team of ambassadors all wanting to change the status quo and raising much needed funds to finish the new program, which has the capacity to positively change behaviours of young drivers.

They’ve got product market fit, industry credibility, traction with Government and the support of every parent in that ‘pain point’ – thinking about their teenagers behind wheel.

The program has been described by leading motoring journalist/ author Paul Gover as, “potentially the best road safety initiative since the 3 point safety belt”

“Our objective is to let kids make their mistakes online NOT on-road” – Lisa Skaife, CEO & Founder.

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