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Staff put employers through their paces on the Naked Office


New website www.nakedoffice.com.au has put Australian employers on notice: you’re no longer the only ones that can deliver career-changing feedback.

The Naked Office is a social media platform that enables the Australian workforce to anonymously share their office experiences and job satisfaction. Or not.

Reviews feature one to five stars and are influenced by culture, pay and career opportunities. Plus, there’s an all-important blank canvas for positives, negatives and benefits.

Naked Office co-founder Chris Holmes says the website enables employees to go beyond the hype of professional marketing campaigns.

“There was nowhere to research what it is really like to work at any given employer. Most companies have a slick marketing campaign these days, but when you actually sit down at your cubicle it can be a very different experience. Naked Office fills that gap.”

Since launching in May, the company has seen considerable growth. In the first half of August alone it received 30,000 visitors.

Both positive and negative themes have emerged in that short time, says Holmes.

“The overwhelming commentary is around workplace culture. In particular, the need to communicate with staff and to have properly trained managers features regularly, as does the handling of redundancies which is timely in the context of a global downturn.”

Naked Office also actively encourages Australian companies to promote themselves through a profile page. Plus, job adverts can be uploaded and linked to the profile page.

Although it’s still early days Naked Office has already recognised where Australian companies should be improve the workplace and corporate culture.

“Employees are the greatest asset of any company, yet there is a genuine feeling of distrust toward the management of companies in a number of reviews we have received.

“There is a real sense that people are wanting to be heard and for companies to take a genuine interest in what they have to say.”

“Naked Office has provided a conduit for this voice to be heard and we are confident companies will listen and respond accordingly. “

Which businesses are the biggest culprits, you ask? According to Holmes: “Workers in the banking, IT and telecommunications industries seems to have the most challenging workplaces in terms of culture.”