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New tool for rebuilding after disaster

The insurance industry is notoriously cumbersome after a natural disaster. The trauma of rebuilding negotiations often compounds that of the original event. The good news is an award-winning ‘track-and-trace’ approach to claims handling hopes to reduce turnaround time by up to 60%.

Forget partridges and pear trees. Here are the 12 things business builders need to...

Forget the 12 Days of Christmas… Before you stick a partridge in a pear tree, here are the top things you need to get sorted before year’s end.

Facebook is changing the way we use email and is stopping us using the...

Facebook is altering the way we communicate, according to new research by the good peeps at Ovum. Almost half of UK consumers responding to Ovum's survey said that social networking platforms have adversely affected their use of email services. But wait, there’s more. A cool 40 per cent blamed Facebook for a decline in the use of voice fixed services, 34 per cent said they made fewer mobile phone calls due to you-know-who, and 29 per cent said the number of text messages they send was heading south.

SME business trends to watch out for in the New Year

The new calendar year is looming large. So, Dr Caroline Hong, Chief Executive Officer of the SME Association of Australia, decided it was high time to share her thinkings on upcoming trends for small to medium enterprises.

Australian startup Beehive crowdfunding DIY 3D printed eyewear

What do you get when you leave a bunch of industrial designers and engineers to their own devices? A fancy new website in early-2012 that will allow anyone to create their own 3D-printed eyewear.

New Aussie brand has it in the bag, crowdsourcing luxury on Kickstarter

Fancy building a global brand from scratch? What if we threw language barriers, different work cultures and new tax regulations into the mix? Sydneysiders Alex Herlihy and Chloe Vandervord have done just that. The intrepid duo recently launched luxury leather bag line ECEL – from Buenos Aires, no less.

Four proven ways to annoy headhunters (and never get that job)

Us headhunters cop a lot of criticism about the quality of service we deliver. Much of it justified. Recruitment is a service-based industry led by sales people who are sometimes struggling to make commissions. When struggling sales people work with vulnerable jobs seekers, it’s a recipe ripe for unhappiness all round.

SocialShout! outs your very own Ashton Kutcher

Who among your assorted social media peeps is channeling their inner Ashton Kutcher? Rocking some serious online influence, that is. Not getting publicly outed as a [alleged] big, dirty... um... Demi disappointer. The people behind newly-minted Australian start-up, SocialShout!, reckon they’ve struck upon the best way to flag regular folk with maximum social media clout.

How to game your ISP when the NBN rolls into town

The super-speedy new National Broadband Network (NBN) is sloooowly inching closer. But it’s not just digital junkies who’ll benefit from the multitude of megabits; their pushers can also expect a new lease on life. Internet Service Providers (ISP), that is.

thruSocial launches in Australia and New Zealand

Fancy setting up a Facebook page and social coupon campaign in five minutes? As luck would have it, thruSocial can deliver just that. The brainchild of Karel Baloun, the first senior engineer at Facebook, thruSocial and its free social couponing service, Thrupon, has been working its magic in the US of A since April 2010. And now it’s Australia’s and New Zealand’s turn thanks to local entrepreneurs Luke O’Neill and Megan Owen.

New Facebook game celebrates Commonwealth Bank’s centenary

The Commonwealth Bank hopes to impress Facebookers with new game The Time Vault. The two-week initiative includes ten prizes of $2,000. The Time Vault has its very own tab on the Bank’s Facebook page. Due to launch November 21, each day for ten business days a question will be asked relating to a decade of the Commonwealth Bank’s 100-year history.

Jolly Solo brings Christmas to small businesses

A whopping 95.6% of Australian businesses are small, while 62.7% don’t employ any staff. Until recently, they couldn’t enjoy end-of-year parties in the same way big business can. I said, 'until recently'.

What I learnt trying to launch an affiliate program with three days’ notice

Okay, we'd secured a big name to come and present and felt confident enough to book a 250 seat auditorium using our standard marketing approach of mailing our email database. But a week before the event, we'd only sold 95 tickets. With few options left, here's what I learnt trying to launch an affiliate program with three days’ notice.

Over Facebook? Kick your over-sharing mates and persistently poking boss to the curb. Social...

Ah Facebook. You’ve turned mum into a serial over-sharer, the boss into a persistent poker, and Mark Zuckerberg keeps pimping your private deets from atop of his 18 carat Captain Kirk replica chair. But still, you heart social media and all the lolz it brings. So what’s the alternative? Maybe, just maybe, it’s new Aussie start-up Family HQ.

Arts crowd-funding platform Pozible hits $1 million pledges, and shares 11 tips to crowd-funding...

Way back in June, we introduced you to Pozible, a newish online platform sharing the crowd-funding love with Australia’s arts industry. Just five wee months later, founders Rick Chen and Alan Crabbe have reached a cool $1 million in pledges. Here are Pozible’s 11 tips to crowd-funding success.

Winkiwoo gets a whole lotta ‘like’ for new Facebook app

Aussie photography company Eastmon Online is no stranger to innovation. Since launching in a backyard shed in 1961, the business has gone from black and white to colour; from film to digital; and, in recent months, from e-tail to f-tail.

‘Social TV’ brings its A-game in the battle for living room supremacy

Holy multitasking. According to a new study by telecoms stat gurus Ovum, a cool 74 per cent of consumers with a broadband connection cruise the interwebs while watching the telly.

Aussie start-up announces solution for disgruntled daily deals customers [just don’t you dare call...

Rocking your cranky britches because you can never get your mitts on the coveted deal du jour? You’re not alone. Way back in September, The Age reported that, to date this year, Consumer Affairs Victoria had received 160 complaints about group buying sites – a significant increase on the 22 similar complaints received the previous year. Well, Unbooked founders Sarah Taylor and Jeff Dusting believe both vendors and customers are primed for a slicker fix in the supply VS demand quandary.

Trunk.ly’s new look to link your online life (and links)

Could Australian start-up Trunk.ly be the missing link in your online life? With Delicious – the Grand Poobah of online bookmarking pre-Yahoo! acquisition -- struggling to recapture that loving feeling post-relaunch, Trunk.ly has the golden, bejewelled crown firmly in its sights.

Why SEO is like farming, but not the genetically modified kind.

When we think of marketing there are a lot of different segments that come to mind, like PR and advertising. These often work in sudden bursts or campaigns driven by budgets and short-term goals. SEO, on the other hand, is an organic approach to marketing. Like farming, but not the genetically modified kind.
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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...