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The beliefs that limit your business growth


One of the most common complaints of business owners is ‘I don’t have enough time.’

The pressure the clock puts on how much you get done, how much your business grows, and how much profit you make is massive. Or is it?

What most folks don’t realise is how limiting these beliefs are in and of themselves. And the long term effects on the future of their business.

Let’s examine the most common culprits…

‘I work hard’

There’s nothing wrong with working hard. Working hard yet ineffectively, on the other hand, is a big, fat stinker.

Some people think old-fashioned elbow grease can make up for poor choices and uninformed strategies. Truth is, it’s a ho-hum substitute.

And as much as there’s emotional glory in telling anyone who’ll listen how hard you toil, eventually they’ll get sick of listening while you’ll just get sick.

Fix the ‘I work hard’ habit by grilling yourself with some of the following questions:

  • “How can I get somebody else to do this?”
  • “Do I have to do this?”
  • “Is there a better way to do this?”
  • “How can I set this up so I never have to do this again?”

For example, I have a client who does video editing as part of his marketing. He initially felt it was a specialised field, until he asked “How can I set this up so I never have to do this again?”

He spent time with his team to create systems and procedures that allowed his personal assistant to edit to a quality he was happy with.

‘I’m the only one who can do this’

What. A. Crock.

People tell me they’re the only one who can devise quotes for their business, the only person who can understand what the client needs, the only one who can produce the desired quality. Truth is you need to let go of the idea you’re perfect and focus on developing other people.

As an exercise, go find your birth certificate. I’m sure it’s got both of your parents’ occupation on it, but does it list yours? In the first six months of your life did you show amazing promise for your current career? No. You’ve been trained. You have learned through experience.

Anything that can be taught through experience can be written, can be systemised, and can be trained. If the US military can train a 22-year-old to fly a jet fighter worth $60 million off an aircraft carrier in rolling seas, what’s your excuse in not being able to get someone to do something that’s inherently less risky?

Some good questions to ask yourself:

  • “If I was to break this down so other people could do parts of it, what parts would they be?”
  • “If I had to create a step-by-step sequence to show someone how to do this, what order would I follow?”

‘It’s just quicker if I do it myself’

Maybe you’re right if the task at hand is a one off, but if it’s something that’s going to arise time and time again it will start to add up.

Imagine you’re doing something that only takes you ten minutes. Now let’s imagine you have to do it every day. That equals:

Ten minutes x five days x 52 weeks = 43 hours a year.

Ask yourself some hard-hitting questions:

  • “How many ten-minute tasks am I doing today?”
  • “What do I keep saying it’s quicker to do myself?”

Don’t delay. Write a list today. What are the three today things you could do to improve your business in the next 90 days if you only started to use your time more effectively?

Steve Smit is a Business Coach with Reality Consulting. He works with business owners who want to increase their take home profits and work shorter hours. Visit www.realityconsulting.com.au