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Nixing business jargon in your marketing [Or thinking inside the box]


No matter what product or service you’re trying to sell, writing is an important part of your marketing efforts.

Resorting to business jargon is a common mistake – one that will see prospective clients unsubscribing in droves.

Whether you’re sending a press release, updating your business’ Facebook status, or drafting a simple email, you need to communicate your point clearly and concisely.

Clichés and business jargon employed to ‘leverage your strategic position’ should be avoided.

Clichés will make your clients cringe

Who doesn’t love a good catchphrase? But while they’re increasingly popular in business communication, they’re also, for the most part, meaningless.

Next time you ‘think outside the box’ with your ‘proactive approach’ in an effort to make folks think you’re dynamic and professional, be aware you probably sound like a bit of a fool.

Why hide your original, inspiring sales message in layers of baffling business jargon? All it communicates to your audience is a lack of confidence in your product or service.

Business buzzwords worth avoiding

Are you a catchphrase junkie? The first step in the journey is asking for help.

If you’re struggling to wean yourself off the high-faluting corporate lingo, here are some suggested alternatives:

  • Thinking outside the box – original
  • Bring to the table – can provide
  • Leverage – use
  • Strategic – useful
  • Going forward – in future
  • Deliverables – results
  • Touch base – talk

Written communication forms an integral part of any marketing strategy. By keeping your communication brief, clear and cliché free you have a better chance of creating a great impression on your prospective clients.

Jo Macdermott is the chief Marketing Consultant from Next Marketing in Melbourne. Next Marketing is a full serviced Marketing Agency working with small and medium sized businesses.