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Australian crowdsourcing outfit 99Designs picks up Webby and celebrates with song


This isn’t the first time that we’ve written about the now famous (and sometimes infamous) crowdsourcing design outfit 99Designs.

In fact, we employed the talent of its international online community to design our Magazine 2.0 cover in December 2008 (the edition where we turned over the development of editorial content to our readers, as our own crowdsourcing experiment).

I say ‘infamous’ because every time we write about design crowdsourcing we get flamed by our passionate and highly creative readers from the design sector. Rather, than articulate our position (again), critics can visit this previous post to hear our views.

But it seems that voters at the 2010 Webby Awards don’t fall into this category and have no problems at all with the concept of design work outsourced to the highest bidder, the practice 99Designs pioneered from its headquarters in Collingwood, Victoria.

Indeed, 99Designs’ achievements disrupting the global design sector scored it the Best Web Service & Application gong in the Webby People’s Voice Awards, beating international crowdsourcing heavy-weights Dropbox and Tumblr. (Wow!)

When entering, 99Design founder Mark Harbottle promised his Twitter followers that should his company win an award he would thank fans of the company in song. The following clip is the fulfilment of that promise.

Thanks from 99designs: We are the champions from 99designs on Vimeo.

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