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Does anyone want your app? Six reasons why no one may use your app [VIDEO]


This video from Google’s app developers outlines some of the common mistakes businesses make when creating an app.

Whether your business is your app, or if an app is a service of your business, it is vital that your app is what customers need.

This is a long video. Make yourself a cup of something warm, sit back and take in each of the reasons why customers may not be using your app. Some of those reasons include:

  • You didn’t understand the problem you were solving
  • Or, you had an idea then tried to find a problem that it solved
  • You asked your friends rather than your customers what they thought
  • Or, you listened to what your customers said rather than watched what they did
  • You planned to pivot rather than finding a problem worth solving

Ultimately, doing any of these things can lead a business to perfectly execute the completely wrong plan.

As I said before, it’s a long video. But, its content may save your business a lot of pain.

Google I/O 2014 – Perfectly executing the wrong plan