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The hunt for our next cover goes global


99designs_logo.jpgAs part of our ongoing Magazine 2.0 Experiment, we asked readers to suggest ideas for our cover. We were so impressed by your ideas that we’ve taken the concept one step further – partnering with the online design crowdsourcing platform 99designs. We’re off to a promising start, but we think the designers of the world need some Anthillian assistance…

The “contest”, offering US$400 prize money for the author of the winning design, was launched last Friday and will run for a week (with the opportunity for extension). Designers registered on 99Designs can submit designs in response to the brief, which is located at the dedicated url http://anthill.99designs.com.


Of the initial designs posted, some have completely missed the mark and some have potential as first drafts, but we think the process could definitely benefit from more input from you, our readers. So check it out, leave your comments, perhaps even have a crack at designing our Magazine cover and taking away the US$400.

You can read Mark Harbottle’s blog post introducing the cover design contest here and view the cover design submissions and comments here.

[Thanks to Mark for suggesting the promotion.]