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Anthill's Top 100 Most Read Posts for 2009… so far


aa31_cover_200wAnthill’s Mag 2.0 Experiment in late 2008 marked our first foray into ‘crowdsourcing’ publishing on a significant scale. Little did we know it would dramatically change the future of Anthill Magazine.

Given that Anthill turns six today (Yay!), we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our evolving ‘dedication to digital’ than by publishing the Top 100 Most Read Articles since the beginning of the year (Yes, this is what got you clicking in 2009).

  1. Twelve ways to ignite your writing
  2. Michael Jackson is NOT dead
  3. Anthill Magazines Smart 100 winners 2009
  4. The top 10 greatest Australian television commercials ever
  5. 30under30 winners, 2009 (The Full List)
  6. What the newspaper industry needs to do to survive
  7. The crisis of credit visualised
  8. Kyle Sandilands – King of Publicity or complete clown?
  9. Top 5 new small business opportunities during the credit crunch
  10. How the greatest movie one liners of all time can inspire your business
  11. Why PRs are the last to ‘get’ the internet
  12. The 8 things that lead to success
  13. How I used Twitter to put a CEO on the street
  14. Having trouble paying bills? Try digital arachnid.
  15. More weird and wonderful business card designs
  16. 6 tips for raising private capital in Australia
  17. How to make a viral campaign go ‘Chk chk boom!”
  18. Your business card is CRAP
  19. How to choose a winning business name
  20. 6 email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them
  21. What are your logo colours really saying
  22. Marita Cheng, 2009 Anthill 30under30 winner
  23. Nick Ferguson, 2009 Anthill 30under30 winner
  24. The top 10 lessons I learnt when my company collapsed
  25. Look who’s in the Smart 100
  26. Ross Hill, 2009 Anthill 30under30 winner
  27. 12 months on from Commercial Ready axing, Australian companies are hurting
  28. Is Twitter the start of Web 3.0?
  29. What does Generation Y have to do with the economic downgrade?
  30. SMART 100 (2009) profiles – Top 10
  31. How to generate media attention for your startup
  32. How to work with a $0 marketing budget
  33. How to spend a marketing budget of $5,000
  34. Negotiation tactics… in real life
  35. Sophee McPhee, 2009 Anthill 30under30 winner
  36. 6 Social Media mistakes other people make – and how to avoid them
  37. Jack Delosa, 2009 Anthill 30under30 winner
  38. The corporate spin FAIL of the year so far
  39. How to fuel word of mouth like a fire
  40. Why Chief Coffee Drinker is my most important entrepreneurial role
  41. Eminem ‘tea bagging’ (how a publicity stunt can really hit the spot)
  42. Anthill’s Top 10 Most Brainless Consumer Products (Part #1)
  43. Shepherding the herd absurd
  44. Website(s) of the week: Students locked up until they built 6 web startups from scratch
  45. Man invoices consumer brands for wasting his time. So far, four have paid.
  46. Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs
  47. Now you can get Hulu in Australia (and Stephen Conroy ain’t gonna like it)
  48. The T-Mobile dance
  49. Minister Carr wants to know how you would spend $196 million
  50. Threadless sends invoice to some ‘f-cker from downunder’
  51. Why we’re embarrassed about our new website (and proud of it!)
  52. How to launch a venture capital fund (with Domenic Carosa)
  53. Just how distressed is the US economy? Lets go to the graph…
  54. You think Twitter is indulgent check out “hauling”
  55. Is your logo a ‘no-go’?
  56. Twitter is suing me!
  57. Intrapreneurship: A guide to harnessing the power of entrepreneurs within organisations
  58. Advertising is dead. Long live advertising
  59. Basejumpers use wingsuits to fly – just amazing
  60. 5 reasons your problems aren’t being solved (and 5 ways to solve them)
  61. Dude, you stole my business idea! Confidentiality agreements 101
  62. What you can learn from the online porn industry
  63. What is Microsoft Bing? And do we really care?
  64. How social networks are transforming TV
  65. An entrepreneurial approach to job seeking in a recession
  66. It takes 100 cups of coffee to refine your start-up pitch
  67. Introducing… the Enlightened Stupid Marketer
  68. Applications open for $83m Federal Investment Follow-On Fund
  69. 50 Top Publicity Stunts
  70. Free is not a business model
  71. The history of the internet visualised
  72. The PM was entitled to blow his top
  73. The four elements for start-up success
  74. How to raise private capital in turbulent markets
  75. 10 secrets to marketing SMEs online
  76. The internet, laid out like a city subway map
  77. How Russian Roulette could save your business
  78. Unusual ways to use humans as the marketing medium
  79. Chaser’s ‘psychic’ swine-flu billboards
  80. Twitter’s business plan leak offers lessons for any start-up
  81. Will entrepreneurial success turn your kids into wankers?
  82. Google releases the gBall… eh herm
  83. How to open a bar
  84. It’s social not commercial networking, for f— sake!
  85. Do you suffer from Information Overload Syndrome?
  86. Hate web ads? Now you can replace them with gallery art. But who’s paying?
  87. Anthill seeks part-time rabble-rousers
  88. IP Australia issues security warning – Trademarks Scam
  89. Google Australia adds recent imagery to Victoria Fires Map
  90. Can social media sell anything but itself
  91. Five steps to winning the pitch every time
  92. Pimp your bike with LED wheel lights
  93. A collection of crazy inventions
  94. Website of the Week: Conspicuous wealth never goes out of fashion
  95. Apple dispenses with Macbook keyboard
  96. Microsoft’s slippery viral video hit
  97. Ari Gold’s business start-up advice in on the money
  98. How we used social media to grow the Cool Company Awards
  99. Tuckerman’s seven lessons from seven weeks of travel
  100. Wilkins and 9 get Colbert treatment for on-air Goldblum eulogy