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Anthill Magazine’s SMART 100 (2009)


Anthill Magazine teamed up with market research firm Colmar Brunton and 1,600 ‘mavens’ to identify 100 of Australia’s most promising product innovations. Introducing… the inaugural Smart 100.

The Process:

  • 6 months
  • 861 nominations
  • 1,600 maven judges
  • 100 winners

Why the Smart 100?

The word ‘innovation’ means many things to many people. In fact, it’s becoming so over-used it’s in danger of losing its meaning… and relevance. This would be a sad outcome, indeed.

For the past six years, Anthill Magazine has championed all things innovative.

This is because, quite simply, new ideas form the foundation of new products, new services and new industries. It’s not rocket science. New ideas are what make a company, or country, commercially competitive.

Now that the global economic woes have firmly grabbed our collective national hip-pocket, this simple observation has never been truer.

Longer term stability isn’t the result of large corporate bail-outs. Nor does it come from stimulus packages. While both these measures can stave off the icy fingers of an economic downturn, neither position a nation for long-term prosperity.

That’s why, in late 2008, we decided to practice what we preach (at least, more so than usual) and develop an awards program that would, hopefully, be as innovative as the companies and products we write about.

We partnered with global market research leader Colmar Brunton to rank Australia’s top 100 most innovative products, as nominated by our readers, and, in doing so, created a new way of ranking innovation, away from the usual academic puffery, in sync with the commercial considerations of real people – our mavens.

Bring on the Smart100!

James Tuckerman
Anthill Magazine


1 620 Fermiscan Breast Cancer Test Fermiscan Pty Limited NSW
2 564 FreeTrekka Replacment Wheelchair Wheel Jacob Grech Design NSW
3 560 BNC105 Bionomics Limited SA
4 554 Snapit Ampoule Opener River Logic Pty Ltd QLD
5 554 Tummy Shield Tummy Shield Company Pty Ltd NSW
6 553 Portable Retinal Camera Vision Instruments TAS
7 552 Prepaid – Call Credits NEVER Expire Savvytel NSW
8 550 Mediseus Temporal bone simulator Medic Vision VIC
9 548 Glow in the dark evacuation system Skycore Group T/AS Allure Glow VIC
10 547 cone-headTM Cone-Head Technology QLD
11 544 Reversed Rural Electrification Barefoot Power NSW
12 544 Sun Lizard Solar Climate Control System Sun Lizard P/L VIC
13 539 Yoober Yoober VIC
14 537 SimPAD(r) Fred Bergman Healthcare Pty Ltd VIC
15 533 Crust Heart Foundation Tick Approved Pizzas Crust Gourmet Pizza Bars VIC
16 533 ATM Raminator Lockit.com.au NSW
17 533 T-Line Safety System Meridian Safety Pty Ltd WA
18 529 waterless car washing and detailing Ecowash Mobile NSW
19 528 Tube Terminator® CMA EcoCycle VIC
20 527 Sweet Dreams Tink Tank Pty Ltd NSW
21 527 solar energy technology Q Solar Pty Ltd QLD
22 527 Renewable energy from organic wet waste streams Quantum Bioenergy Limited QLD
23 525 Stylyx Bicycle Stylyx Limited QLD
24 525 Australia’s first counselling portal CounselLink.com.au VIC
25 520 Stepwise Lockstep Technologies NSW
26 520 Switchselect.com Switchselect Pty Ltd QLD
27 518 MERINOfresh TM Australian Wool Innovation NSW
28 518 The BuzzBox TheBuzz Corp Pty Ltd WA
29 515 apartmentreviews.com.au apartmentreviews.com.au QLD
30 513 MillMapper Scanalyse Pty Ltd WA
31 512 Krinner Groundscrews Krinner Groundscrews Qld QLD
32 510 SomniLink-SPAP Compumedics VIC
33 508 Handheld Human/Animal Diagnostics at Point of Care MycroLab Diagnostics VIC
34 507 MonkeyBar Monkey Steel Limited NSW
35 506 Natural Sweetener For Foods and Beverages BHW Solutions NSW
36 505 GripSox GripSox VIC
37 504 Nirvana spectrometer Integrated Spectronics NSW
38 504 Coomercail Scale Aquaponic Food Production Systems Aquaponic Solutions VIC
39 503 Biofilter Biofilter Technologies (R&D) Pty Ltd NSW
40 503 Cursions 2008 Cursions Pty Ltd VIC
41 501 QlikView Inside Info Pty Ltd NSW
42 496 Quietwave® CMT Acoustic Space P/L NSW
43 494 Orbita Mouse Cyber Sport Pty Ltd NSW
44 492 Evado Clinical Trial Software INVISION IT SYSTEMS VIC
45 492 The Piccolo Coates Pty Ltd NSW
46 492 flaik flaik QLD
47 489 Sweax Underarm Liners Oakrange Enterprises Pty Ltd – Sweax WA
48 488 Halo Headphones Softwear Pty Ltd NSW
49 487 Pole Grippa Tink Tank Pty Ltd NSW
50 486 Sumo Sized Salads Made to Order SumoSalad NSW
52 486 Observant Remote Management System Observant Pty Ltd VIC
53 485 www.receiptkeeper.com.au Receipt Keeper VIC
54 484 VFX V-Machine VFX Systems Pty Ltd VIC
55 477 Perkler Cubbyhole Pty Ltd (PERKLER) ACT
56 476 alpine rice native seeds VIC
57 475 miRoamer miRoamer VIC
58 474 Weigh2go Marks Design VIC
59 472 Oxy-Hydrogen Fuel Supplementation HOH Enterprises Pty Ltd VIC
60 470 WOMOW.com.au – Word Of Mouth On the Web WOMOW.com.au VIC
61 470 Aggregation of All Information and Product in the Australian Community Sector Our Community VIC
62 469 One stop gear carrying system for kids Boxy Design Pty Ltd VIC
64 464 GreenMobiles M2 Telecommunications Group Ltd VIC
65 463 Store Specials Store Specials Holdings P/L VIC
66 463 Yield Prophet Birchip Cropping Group VIC
67 462 Fiobuoy: submersible marine marker buoy & retrieval system Fiomarine TAS
68 462 Making people count Budget Bitch Pty Ltd NSW
69 462 Digital Shower Timer Ripple Products Pty Ltd VIC
70 462 Drug Discovery Epichem Pty Ltd WA
71 461 ClickBook.net ClickBook.net VIC
72 460 OurWishingWell.com OurWishingWell.com NSW
73 460 Sensor Network Analyzer (SNA) Daintree Networks VIC
75 457 High Pressure Double Swivel H.I.Fraser Pty Ltd NSW
76 457 SoftwareShortlist Trigora Pty Ltd VIC
77 456 Corporate Family Program Expect A Star Education Services NSW
78 455 mHITs – person to payments by SMS mHITs ACT
79 454 PassWindow Ablar Pty Ltd QLD
80 452 An innovative cost-per-lead advertising venue for celebrants Celebrante Pty Ltd NSW
81 451 Global Corporate Challenge Global Corporate Challenge Pty Ltd VIC
82 450 RedBubble.com RedBubble VIC
83 450 Laser Diode Controller MOG Laboratories Pty Ltd (“MOGLabs”) VIC
84 450 Rapid Consulting reStrategy Consulting NSW
85 448 Tagmotion video search Tagmotion Pty Ltd NSW
86 448 thewebconsole.com Bloomtools QLD
87 447 Aconex online collaboration system Aconex VIC
88 444 Avian Terrain Engine Epiphany Games P/L NSW
89 443 Montage Field & Works Management System us – Utility Services VIC
90 443 ExitReality ExitReality VIC
91 442 Vodafone Business One Vodafone Australia Limited NSW
92 442 spellr.us spellr.us NSW
93 442 99designs.com 99designs.com VIC
94 441 Snapsil Snapsil Corporation QLD
95 440 ‘JobOffice’ – web based e-recruitment software NGA.NET VIC
96 439 Remunerate Evanscorp Pty. Limited NSW
97 439 PeopleInsite PeopleInsite NSW
98 437 www.kangaruni.com Xpress Information VIC
99 435 The Scarpar SCARPAR QLD
100 434 Loop11 Loop11 VIC

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