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Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs


Mashable is one of my favourite social media/web/tech-related news blogs.

Conceptually, a “mashup” is a digital file that recombines content from two or more sources to create something new. In this context, Mashable sits at the confluence of business and the web. It’s this business focus that makes it, in some respects, a more useful resource for entrepreneurs than TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb.

A case in point: Mashable recently posted a terrific summary of the Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs.

Some of these you will have heard of – perhaps you even use one or two regularly (LinkedIn is the obvious example). But it’s worth exploring all ten, if only to peruse the voluminous amount of business tips and links to further useful resources and people.

Heads-up: Many of the social networks reviewed are US-focused. But you wouldn’t be worth your salt as an entrepreneur if you weren’t at least curious about whether you might be missing out on a good thing.