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The internet, laid out like a city subway map


This is fascinating.

Information Architects Inc. (iA) has released its fourth annual Web Trend Map, which maps the 333 leading Web domains and the 111 most influential Internet people onto the Tokyo Metro map.

According to iA’s description:

  • Each domain is evaluated based on traffic, revenue, age and the company that owns it.
  • A station’s height represents its domain’s success. “Success” refers not only to traffic, but also revenue and trend.
  • A station’s width represents the stability of the company behind its domain. However, not every large corporation has a large building.
  • Unless its domain has proven itself as a significant online component, its station remains thin.
  • A station’s location on a metro line indicates the group it belongs to.
  • A station‘s position on the map—whether inside the main line, on the main line, or outside the main line—indicates whether it is a part of the tech establishment, a traffic hub, or an online suburb.

Click to view full map in high resolution. (Warning: you might find yourself pouring over this for hours. You’ve been warned.)

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